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    Read about Golf Ontario’s New Volunteer Framework Here

    Golf Ontario has a purpose, and that is to shape lives by leading, creating, and promoting positive golf experiences. And in many ways, it is the over 200 volunteers of Golf Ontario that bring this purpose to life.

    Our volunteers are ambassadors for the sport of golf and are an integral part of our team offering quality programming to golfers and our partners. Without volunteers, we at Golf Ontario wouldn’t be able to have the impact that we do, as they are the keystone that holds this bridge together. Volunteer involvement contributes to and extends the capacity of Golf Ontario to meet our vision, all the while holding the organization’s values as we Shape Lives Through Golf.

    With this in mind, Golf Ontario has built a new volunteer engagement framework, and within that have created these seven principles to continue our great work together, and to ensure that volunteer involvement is rewarding.


    1. Commitment to Volunteer Engagement

    Golf Ontario understands the importance and value of of our volunteers and is committed to ensuring strong involvement and engagement with our volunteers. The commitment is set out through vision, planning, and resourcing that supports Golf Ontario’s strategic direction.

    2. Leadership and Management

    Golf Ontario leads and promotes a positive culture towards volunteering and implements effective management systems to support volunteer involvement.

    3. Volunteer Rules

    Golf Ontario engages volunteers in meaningful ways that contribute to Golf Ontario’s goals and objectives.

    4. Recruitment and Selection

    Golf Ontario volunteer recruitment and selection strategies are planned, consistent, and meet the needs of volunteers and the organization.

    5. Support and Development

    Golf Ontario volunteers will understand their role and gain the necessary knowledge, skills and feedback needed to effectively carry out their roles.

    6. Recognition

    Golf Ontario understands, appreciates and acknowledges the contribution, value and impact that our volunteers have.

    7. Quality Management and Continuous Improvement

    Lastly, Golf Ontario understands that effective volunteer involvement results from a system of good practice, review and continuous improvement.

    “At Golf Ontario, our vision of ‘Golf for All’ extends far beyond mere words; it represents a steadfast commitment to fostering an inclusive and welcoming environment for everyone. Our volunteers stand at the forefront of bringing this vision to life. Through their unwavering dedication and hard work, they have been instrumental in creating memorable experiences for golfers across Ontario. By generously offering their time and expertise, each has played a vital role in transforming ‘Shaping Lives’ from a mission into a reality, said Golf Ontario CEO, Kyle McFarlane. “Our volunteers are valued members of our team; they are the heart and soul of our mission. Their steadfast commitment ensures that we can continue shaping lives, providing opportunities and experiences through the sport of golf. We are proud to celebrate the remarkable impact our volunteers have on the Golf Ontario community. Thank you to all our dedicated and passionate volunteers, and the positive influence you bring to our mission.”

    At Golf Ontario, we would be unable to deliver the quantity and quality of programs that we provide without our many volunteers throughout the province.

    Thanks to all of you for your devotion, commitment, and dedication in support of golfers across Ontario. We look forward to what the future holds in store.

We enjoy the reputation of being one of North America’s leading Amateur Golf Associations.  This success is directly attributed to the fact that we have some of the finest and most knowledgeable volunteers in the Nation. Golf Ontario Volunteers provide a wide range of services to the many golfers and golf clubs throughout the Province of Ontario.

Volunteers enjoy:

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers serve in several key areas that include Tournaments, Rules, Course Rating, Committee and Board of Directors.  Some volunteers help out three or four days a year while others work more than 20 days each year – it all depends on your level of interest and availability.  The majority of these opportunities take place weekdays throughout the golf season.

Click links to learn more:

  • Volunteer Engagement Framework 
  • Volunteer Roles

    Tournament Official
    Volunteers help administer over 100 Qualifiers and Championships each year. Tournament officials assist with registration, starting, scoring and pace of play timers.

    Each tournament is adequately staffed with Certified Rules Referees experienced in officiating and extremely knowledgeable in the rules of golf. Tournament officials begin signing up for qualifiers and championships around the end of January. Wherever possible, officials will be assigned prior to the start of the season. In determining assignments, considerations are given to minimizing travel and associated costs, level of experience and assigning new officials with experienced officials to provide training.

    Take a look at the Tournament Officials manual for a more in depth description of the roles and responsibilities.

    Golf Ontario requires certified Referees to volunteer at Provincial qualifiers and championships and assist other organizations such as the Ontario PGA, Ontario Colleges and Universities. To be involved as a Referee at Provincial events one must have completed at minimum Level 2 of the Golf Canada rules of golf education program. In addition, Referees must have an excellent understanding of the Rules of Golf and have the ability to work as a team member while making decisions under pressure.

    If you have not successfully completed one of the levels of rules training but wish to work towards becoming a Golf Ontario Rules Referee, please start your training by applying to become a Golf Ontario Tournament Volunteer. Active Golf Ontario volunteers are eligible to receive rules education subsidies.

    For further information about Golf Canada’s rules of golf education program click here

    For additional information on becoming a Rules Referee please contact John Lawrence at jlawrence@gao.ca.

    Course Rating
    All Clubs are rated upon joining Golf Ontario and periodically have their rating reviewed as the course ages or as design changes are made to the course. In any given year up to 70 courses may require a visit from a trained Course Rating Team. Course Raters must be flexible and organized – an affinity for math or statistics is a definite asset. There is a detailed training program for new and experienced raters that includes both in class and on course training. Teams are located throughout the province and are under the direction of a Team Leader.

    The opportunity for a volunteer to become a member of a course rating team depends upon the availability of a position on a team within the volunteer’s area. Course rating volunteers not placed immediately will be placed on the waiting list and encouraged to become involved in other areas where we are in need of volunteers.

    For further information or discuss opportunities please contact Craig Loughry at cloughry@gao.ca.

  • How to Get Involved

    Thank you for your interest in volunteering for Golf Ontario. To get started:

    Complete the Volunteer Application Form

    Submit one written reference from a Club Official, Golf Ontario Volunteer or Staff, or Volunteer Agency that you have previously or are currently involved with.

    Once your application and references have been processed, we will contact you with information on the next step to begin your involvement with Golf Ontario. Please note that individuals will be required to complete the appropriate screening process applicable to their position as per the Screening Policy that may include supplementary applications, police records check.

    Applications are accepted on a year-round basis; however, as the majority of assignments are seasonal applicants received during the season may not be placed until the following season.

  • Volunteer Manuals