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Golf Ontario Amateur Order of Merit Rankings

The Golf Ontario Order of Merit ranking system is used to recognize the top-performing amateur players who have had success throughout the current golf season. High-quality tournaments are an important component in the development of players and the Order of Merit identifies tournaments that provide this important experience.

Please Note NCAA Collegiate events will NOT be included in our ranking system as not all amateur players are eligible for these events.

Order of Merit Categories

Men’s Amateur RankingsEvent Listing
Men’s Mid-Amateur RankingsEvent Listing
Senior Men’s Amateur Rankings Event Listing
Women’s Amateur RankingsEvent Listing
Women’s Mid-Amateur Rankings Event Listing
Senior Women’s Amateur Rankings Event Listing

The Golf Ontario Order of Merit is calculated via a points system, which awards points according to the player’s finishing position in an event. The total number of points allocated, based on the “weighting” of an event, is at the discretion of Golf Ontario, and items such as the strength of the field is considered.


Any questions or inquiries about the Ontario Order of Merit rankings, please reach out to Connor Doyle at cdoyle@gao.ca or 905-852-1101 ext. 229

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Past Winners

YearAmateurJunior Senior Bantam Juvenille Mid-Amateur 
2023Matthew Javier & Kelly ZhaoIsaiah Ibit
& Shauna Liu
Phil Arci & Judith Kyrinis Chase Jerome & Shauna Liu Jager Pain & Shauna LiuPhil Arci & Judith Kyrinis
2022Matthew Anderson & Monet ChunLuke Smith & Kelly ZhaoDave Bunker & Terrill SamuelLuke Smith & Swetha SathishMatthew Javier & Kelly ZhaoGarrett Rank & Judith Kyrinis
2021Not awarded Not awarded Not awarded Not awarded Not awarded Not awarded
2020Not awardedNot awardedNot awardedNot awardedNot awardedNot awarded
2019Garrett Rank & Emily ZhuBennett Ruby & Emily ZhuAshley Chinner & Judith KyrinisOwen Kim & Brooke RiverThomas Latter & Emily ZhuGarrett Rank & Sarah Dunning
2018Garrett Rank & Ellie SzerykMatthew Anderson & Ellie SzerykMark Brewer & Judith KyrinisPeter Blazevic & Emily ZhuGerry Mei & Ellie SzerykGarrett Rank & Julia Hodgson
2017Garrett Rank & Maddie SzerykKelvin Lim & Monet ChunRobert Gibson & Mary Ann HaywardThomas Latter & Alyssa DiMarcantonioKelvin Lim & Monet ChunGarrett Rank & Terrill Samuel
2016Garrett Rank & Grace St-GermainSam Meek & Grace St-GermainChristopher Kertsos & Judith KyrinisKelvin Lim & Alyssa DiMarcantonioSam Meek & Monet ChunGarrett Rank & Judith Kyrinis
2015Austin James & Elizabeth TongMaxwell Sear & Alyssa GettyMichael Jackson & Mary Ann HaywardJohnny Travale & Kayla Burke/Alyssa DiMarcantonioJason (Chan Young) Chung & Chloe CurrieGarrett Rank & Casey Ward
2014Corey Conners & Brooke HendersonTony (Taekkun) Gil & Grace St-GermainMichael Jackson & Judith KyrinisCurtis Hughes & Chloe Currie/Kristen GilesJason (Chan Young) Chung & Grace St-GermainGarrett Rank & Gail Pimm
2013Corey Conners & Brooke HendersonJosh Whalen & Brooke HendersonLarry Cooper & Mary Ann HaywardThomas ‘Jack’ Simpson & Ellice HongConner Watt & Kennedy BodfieldGarrett Rank & Stefani Markovich
2012Albin Choi & Brooke HendersonGajan Sivabalasingham & Brooke HendersonLarry Cooper & Terril SamuelHenry Moon/Anthony Occhiuto/David Yoon/Ryan Ahrens & Diana McDonaldAustin James & Brooke HendersonDave Bunker & Patti Hogeboom
2011Mackenzie Hughes & Augusta JamesChris Hemmerich & Brooke HendersonMichael Jackson & Gail PimmHenry Moon/Marc Casullo & Sonia Nagindas/Katelyn McMahonBryce Evon & Samantha SpencerRob Cowan & Patti Hogeboom
2010Albin Choi & Jennifer KirbyAlbin Choi & Rebecca Lee-BenthamGarry Spence & Mary Ann HaywardMatt LeMay & Courtney ToltonBlair Hamilton & Meghan McDougallDave Bunker & Patti Hogeboom
2009Cam Burke & Jennifer KirbyMitch Sutton & Jennifer KirbyJohn Marlow & Ivy SteinbergBrett McIntosh & Samantha SpencerDave Bunker & Stefani Markovich
2008Cam Burke & Stephanie SherlockMitch Sutton & Nicole VandermadeJohn Marlow & Ivy SteinbergLucas Kim & Vivian TsuiDave Bunker & Mary Ann Lapointe
2007David Bryne & Mary Ann LapointeMatt Hill & Rebecca Lee-BenthamJohn Marlow & Susan WickwareDave Bunker & Mary Ann Lapointe