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Golf Ontario is committed to administering the Rules of Golf and to the education of member clubs and golfers across the province. Through Golf Canada’s Rules Education program, Golf Ontario members will have access to learning the three levels of the Rules of Golf.

Whether you are just interested in learning the Rules, a tournament player, a club professional, or a volunteer wanting to become a provincial Referee, Golf Ontario is committed to providing educational services and tools for everyone to be Rules Ready!

Member Club Presentations

Golf Ontario is committed to ensuring member facilities and their golfers are Rules Ready for the 2022 season. Complimentary seminars are available from March to May and run from 1 to 1 ½ hour in length. The presentations cover the basic Rules of Golf.

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Level 1

The Level 1 Rules of Golf is free and online, available through the R&A Rules Academy. The program is a fun and easy way to learn the basics of the Rules of Golf and will focus on commonly encountered situations on the course. As part of Level 1, participants will be able to test their knowledge by attempting the Level 1 Exam. Participants who achieve a passing grade of 80% on the Level 1 exam may advance to the Provincial Level of the Rules of Golf.

Level 1 is perfect for

Golf Ontario Provincial Level Rules of Webinars

Looking to become a Referee at a provincial/national championship? Or are you a club professional ready to take on a rules matter at a club event? Instructed by a nationally certified Golf Canada Rules Referee, Golf Ontario’s provincial level webinars take an in-depth look at concepts, procedures and outcomes that are more intuitive and easier to learn in today’s game.

The webinars will also examine the use of the Interpretations that are found in the Official Guide to the Rules of Golf book to help participants better prepare for rules situations as a referee or in the pro shop for club events.

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Additional Resources

Need more info? Here are some additional websites and additional resources:

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Still, have a question? Golf Ontario also responds to rules of golf questions via email