Women in Sport Wednesday’s: Natasha Stasiuk Edition


As we wait patiently for the snow to melt and the grass to grow, we welcome you to another round of Golf Ontario’s highlight feature, Women in Sport Wednesday’s! This campaign illuminates our female 2020 Ontario Champions, their passion, their accomplishments in the sport, and some interesting facts about each winner.


As the defending female champion of the Ontario Disability, Natasha Stasiuk is looking to defend her title for the third time in the upcoming 2021 championship season. The two-time champion is thrilled to get back on the course this summer and has set some great goals for the 2021 season. Looking to also defend her home club Heron Point Women’s Championship title, Stasiuk hopes to be able to play in the Canadian Amputee and Disabled National Open Golf Championship, and the United States Disabled Championship pending COVID-19.


Read the full interview with 2020 Ontario Disability Champion, Natasha Stasiuk below…


How did you get into Golf? 

I was 8 years old and I first touched a golf club in my gym class. From there my Dad continued to put the club in my hand and my parents signed me up for golf lessons, so I began to love it. I played other sports though too! I used to play hockey and softball, and swimming competitively; freestyle (front stroke) was my favorite. I still play hockey and swim for fun, as golf is my main sport now.


What does the sport of golf do for you?

It’s helped me become who I am today and grow as a person. It has helped with a lot of my self-confidence too.


Favorite golf courses?


Favorite club in your bag?

My driver, because I can hit it long and straight!


How do you mark your ball? 

Honestly, it depends on my mood! I have two go-to ball markings. It’s either three dots on my ball in the dimples or the letter “N”. It all depends on my mood and my nerves.


Biggest accomplishments to date?


What’s your pre-tournament routine? How do you get into the right headspace?

I usually arrive an hour before the tournament and I start with thirty minutes on the range. Then I’ll spend some time putting and make sure I take a restroom break before we tee-off. I like to listen to music before too to help get me in the right headspace.


Favorite golfers, to watch?

Brooke Henderson! It used to be Paula Creamer but she hasn’t been playing much.


If you could play a round of golf with anyone, who would be in your foursome?

Cool fact about you?

I’m adopted – I was adopted at thirteen months old.


Goals for 2021?


About The Ontario Disability Championship

In 2019, Woodington Lake Golf Club hosted the inaugural Ontario Disability Championship. Played over a 36-hole competition for Men and Women, the Ontario Disability Championship is an inclusive event in which athletes with disabilities compete in a provincial championship environment. The championship promotes awareness and participation for golfers with disabilities and provides a platform for future talent identification. The Ontario Disability Championship is a counting event on the World Ranking for Golfers with Disability (WR4GD).


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