The Five Best Things About Golf in the Fall

With fall now in full swing, the golf season is coming to a close. But it’s not all doom and gloom for the golf community, even if there is only a few more weeks left to get out onto the course. Even if it means only a number of rounds before the snow boots come out, for many fall golf is the best time of year. We decided to ask you, the readers, what your favourite things about fall golf are. Here are the results.


5. Warm Drinks After the Round

Of course an ice-cold beverage after a hot round in the middle of July is always a treat, but there’s something special about a steaming hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate on a brisk autumn day. Warming your palms on a mug inside the clubhouse after a well played round is a treat only few can contest to, and it’s definitely an underrated benefit to playing in the fall.

4. Courses Are Less Crowded

With colder weather comes thinner crowds. Many players steer clear from the course once autumn rolls along, leaving more room between groups and a better chance at a preferred tee time. Pace of play is also much better since their just aren’t as many groups out there. If you’re one to usually take a cart onto the course, fall is the best time to walk instead.

3. Lower Rates

Due to the thinning crowds during fall, many courses have begun to offer deals to keep players’ interest. This includes the higher priced courses, the ones that may elude you during the busy months. So if there’s a course that you’ve had your eye on for some time, but it’s always been a bit too expensive to your liking, do yourself a favour and check out their prices during the fall. This is usually the best time of year to do so.

2. No Sweating

Don’t you just hate when you’re in the midst of your swing and you can feel all your clothes sticking to you? So do we. This is why the fall is one of our favourite times to play. Despite being a little chilly at times, fall provides players with the weather that makes it enjoyable to be active outdoors. No more drinking water every three seconds, no more wiping your forehead to keep the sweat out of your eyes, just focusing on your next shot. The change of pace from those brutally hot days in the summer can be a nice treat – as long as you bring the appropriate attire.

1. The Scenery

Although there are many perks of golf in the fall, one stands above the rest. The absolute greatest thing about golf in autumn is the scenery. Trees with leaves covered in all the colours of greens, yellows, reds and oranges. It’s like playing golf in a video game or a painting. There aren’t many things more beautiful in the world than nature in the fall, and what better place to appreciate such beauty than on the course?


Ryan MacKenzie

Marketing & Communications Assistant