GAO team ontario

Team Ontario begins training camp in Florida

The GAO’s Team Ontario is taking part in their first training camp of 2016 in Coral Springs, Florida. The team arrived on Saturday and will be there for five days. The first and last day they will train at Heron Bay GC and the middle three days will be at TPC at Eagle Trace.

The team will train for half the day and play 18 holes each day as well. Both physical training and technical training are emphasized at the camp.

The team had a cool surprise yesterday when they ran into LPGA pro Lexi Thompson – as she was on the course trying out a few new drivers. Each group got to sit and chat with her and she hit a few shots for each group. 

This was the second year the team got to meet Thompson as she was hanging out at Eagle Trace last year and played a few holes with each group. It was an unexpected but great surprise for the team.

Below: Team Ontario members Isabella Portokalis, Alyssa DiMarcantoinio, Sam Meek and Ty Celone pose with Thompson.

Team On in Florida