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Get Ready to Swing into Summer with Women’s Golf

With spring upon us, we’re thrilled about the upcoming golf season. We’re in the final stages of preparing our Women’s Try Golf schedule and can’t wait to share the exciting details with you.

This year marks the fourth season of our Women’s Try programs, and we’re delighted to introduce monthly Learn opportunities to the summer schedule. Our TRY events are all about welcoming the beginner golfer, while our LEARN events will offer the chance to build fundamental skills and deepen your understanding of the game.

The growth of women’s golf is inspiring, and we’re passionate about inviting even more women to experience the sport. We’re always exploring ways to facilitate continued engagement through the Women’s Participation Pathway, with the help of our partners and local facilities.

If you’ve been playing more often or have attended multiple Women’s Try events before, why not explore ‘next step’ opportunities with our partners Iron Lady Golf and LPGA Amateurs? They offer a diverse range of fantastic ways for you to TRY, LEARN, and PLAY even more frequently!

Are you ready to make this your best summer of golf yet? Join an Iron Lady Golf Summer League for weekly play with guaranteed tee times, league captains providing support, monthly tip sessions, and so much more. These leagues aren’t just about golf; they’re about forming meaningful connections, enjoying the sport in a supportive atmosphere, and, most importantly, having a great time!

Iron Lady Golf Leagues welcome players of all skill levels. Whether you’re just starting out or have a wealth of experience, whether you’re playing a leisurely round or keeping score, you’ll find your place here.

Make this summer unforgettable by joining an Iron Lady Golf League. 

The LPGA Amateur Golf Association is the ultimate golf community for women, bringing together players from all walks of life, of all ages and abilities, in a friendly and inclusive setting. You’ll expand your network, forge new friendships, and share in the love of golf. With over 300 events across Ontario, we offer organized, social golf experiences along with educational opportunities to enhance your gameplay.

Our pay-as-you-play green fees ensure golf is accessible to all. Find out what’s happening at a local chapter near you at LPGA Amateurs Ontario, and join us today!

Golf offers a fantastic chance to bring friends and family into the game, whether they’re newcomers or interested in learning. It’s the perfect mix of fun, laughter, and sunshine.

We’re excited to see the joy golf will bring you this season!
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