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Team Ontario edged by South Carolina at Can Am Junior Team Matches

Team Ontario edged by South Carolina at Can Am Junior Team Matches

MURRELS INLET, S.C.— The Golf Association of Ontario’s (GAO) Team Ontario, along with Ontario members of Golf Canada’s National Development Squad, and other top Ontario juniors were in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina at the Wachesaw Plantation Club for the annual Can Am Matches, March 19-20, with the South Carolina Junior Golf Association.

The opening day, which featured team matches, was extremely successful for Team Ontario as they were able to win 72 points, keeping the match all-square heading into the final day of singles matches. While things were close on the second day, the hosts were able to hang on to win by a slim margin of 221.5 to 210.5. South Carolina took the singles matches 149.5 to 138.5.

What makes the matches unique is that unlike traditional match play, all matches are played in full and points are awarded for each hole.

Round 1 Results:

Ontario Score South Carolina Score
Ty Celone & Petyon Callens 9.5 Brady Hinkle & Jordan Warnock 8.5
Jake Bryson & Lachlan O’Hara 8 Reed Bentley & Jake Carter 10
Jason Culing & Nicholas Brisebois 8 Christian Salzer & Patrick Golden 10
Sam Meek & Jackson Bowery 9 Trent Phillips & Caleb Proveaux 9
Hailey McLaughlin & Alyssa DiMarcantonio 9 Smith Knaffle & Jodee Tindal 9
Alexandra Naumovski & Isabella Portokalis 9.5 Gracyn Burgess & Jensen Castle 8.5
Monet Chun & Diana McDonald 9 Emily Cox & Victoria Huskey 9
Grace St. Germain & Chloe Currie 10 Kathleen Sumner & Ashley Czarnecki 8

Round 2 Results:

Ontario Score South Carolina Score
Alyssa DiMarcantonio 8.5 Smith Knaffle 9.5
Hailey McLaughlin 6.5 Jensen Castle 11.5
Diana McDonald 10.5 Victoria Huskey 7.5
Isabella Portokalis 9.5 Kathleen Sumner 8.5
Alexandra Naumovski 7 Emily Cox 11
Monet Chun 11 Jodee Tindal 7
Chole Currie 6.5 Gracyn Burgess 11.5
Grace St. Germain 9 Ashley Czarnecki 9
Ty Celone 9 Patrick Golden 9
Lachlan O’Hara 9 Brady Hinkle 9
Jake Bryson 8.5 Jake Carter 9.5
Peyton Callens 10.5 Reed Bentley 7.5
Nicholas Brisebois 8 Jordan Warnock 10
Sam Meek 6.5 Caleb Proveaux 11.5
Jackson Bowery 10.5 Christian Salzer 7.5
Jason Chung 8 Trent Phillips 10