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Celebrating Our Champions: Honouring Golf Ontario’s Volunteers

This National Volunteer Week, we at Golf Ontario are honoured to acknowledge the extraordinary efforts of over 250 volunteers from across the province.

At the heart of Golf Ontario, our volunteers are the lifeblood in a variety of critical areas, including championships, rules, course rating, and governance on committees and our board of directors. They are the sport’s ambassadors and an essential part of our team, enabling us to deliver exceptional programming and experiences to golfers, partners, and industry stakeholders.

Throughout the week, join us on social media as we showcase our remarkable volunteers. We’ll be sharing their inspirational stories and the fulfillment they derive from being an integral part of our community.

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During National Volunteer Week, we’re excited to present a series of “Officials Days,” celebrating the dedicated volunteer officials who are instrumental in orchestrating our tournaments and competitions. This is a special time when they come together to inaugurate the 2024 season.

Interested in becoming part of the Golf Ontario volunteer family? Find out more about the opportunities and rewards on our Volunteering Resource page HERE.

Volunteer Appreciation Volunteers

Golf Ontario Announces 2023 Scholarship Recipients

Uxbridge, ON – The Golf Ontario Scholarship program has been made possible through the generous backing of our corporate partners and sponsors since 1994, shaping the Lives of more young people each year. This donor-led support enables Golf Ontario to grant numerous scholarships each year, aiding students in their pursuit of higher education. We are thrilled to announce the recipients of the 2023 scholarships, congratulations to all outstanding recipients.

Golf Ontario has developed special scholarship awards to honour the memory of Ken McKenzie, Christine Fisher, Craig Revell, and Helena Harbridge, amazing people who have contributed a great deal to the game of golf in Ontario. In conjunction with the McKenzie, Fisher, Revell, and Harbridge families, Golf Ontario will present these special awards to deserving recipients who demonstrate the passion and dedication to the game that was ever so present in Ken, Christine, Craig, and Helena. Read more about these awards here. It is evident by the accomplishments and dedication of our young awardees that the future of this sport is as bright as ever. It starts at GO!

Kira Turner of London, the recipient of the Christine Fisher Memorial Student Award will be attending The University of Western Ontario to study Media Information and Technoculture. An affiliate of the London Hunt and Country Club and six-time first-place finisher of the Club’s Junior Girls Championship, Turner describes what being selected for this award means to her; “There are so many wonderful, young, female golfers out there; all so well rounded and accomplished – and so I knew it might be a long shot. So, when I heard the news that I was this year’s recipient of the Christine Fisher Award, I was absolutely shocked and honoured beyond belief. I will remember this experience for the rest of my life. I am so proud and grateful to hold this significant award with such high esteem”.

Isabella Ferguson of Ottawa, the recipient of the Ken McKenzie Award will be entering her second year at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia studying Biomedical Physiology. A member of the SFU golf team and a past participant in both National and Provincial golf events, Ferguson expresses that this award will help her reach her full potential; “I am so incredibly grateful to have been selected for the Ken McKenzie Award. This scholarship means so much to me and will allow me to continue to pursue my academic, athletic, and life goals, and will even help me to raise my goals and hold myself to a higher standard. Balancing all aspects of my life and continuing to perform at a high level is certainly a challenge, and this award will help to support me through this endeavour”.

Kacey Walker of Mississauga and the recipient of the Helena Harbridge Scholarship will be attending her final year of her Masters program in Public Administration at Florida Atlantic University. This multi-sport athlete is grateful for all the opportunities golf has provided for her, stating “I am honoured to be the recipient of the Helena Harbridge Scholarship Award. The completion of my master’s degree is something I am thrilled about, and I would not be in this position to do so if it were not for the game of golf, and the Golf Association of Ontario. To have a full-circle moment, such as this, where my academic and athletic endeavours have the opportunity to support one another is truly a blessing.  Helena Harbridge was a courageous, and ambitious, individual and I feel so thankful to be considered as the recipient of this award dedicated to her name and spirit”.

Andreas Diogenous of Cambridge, the recipient of the Craig Revell Scholarship will be attending San Jose State University studying Business Finance.No stranger to Golf Ontario, Diogenous was the first-place finisher in the U13 Championship in 2017, U15 Championship in 2019 and U17 Championship in 2020. He credits his success to his parents, stating “Golf has allowed me to keep such a close bond with my parents. I am fortunate to be able to play golf with my dad, who has been my biggest fan and supporter, every step of the way in my career choices. Both my mom and dad have sacrificed so much to give me these opportunities”.

Full List of 2023 Award Recipients:

Kira Turner / Christine Fisher Memorial Student Award London Hunt and Country Club / University of Western Ontario / Media Information and Technoculture

Isabella Ferguson / Ken McKenzie Award / Ottawa Hunt and Golf Club / Simon Fraser University / Biomedical Physiology

Kacey Walker / Helena Harbridge Scholarship / Florida Atlantic University / Masters of Public Administration

Andreas Diogenous / Craig Revell Scholarship / Whistle Bear Golf Club / San Jose State University / Business Finance

Julia Alexander – Carew / Golf Ontario Award / Credit Valley Golf and Country Club / University of British Columbia – Okanagan / Business Management

Mia Sung / Golf Ontario Award / Summit Golf and Country Club / University of Toronto / Life Sciences

Ben Herbert / Golf Ontario Award / Lookout Point Country Club / Niagara University / Finance

Madison Barber / Golf Ontario Award / The Landings Golf Course / Towson University / Professional Studies (Graduate Degree)

Matteo Rocco / Golf Ontario Award / Weston Golf Club / Oakland University / Business Communications

Congratulations to our 2023 recipients,  we wish them all the best, in their post-secondary studies!

About Golf Ontario Scholarship Program

To be eligible for one of the Golf Ontario awards or scholarships, recipients must have maintained at least a 75% academic average, enrolled in a post-secondary institution, be members of Golf Ontario, and are actively involved in golf. If you are interested in applying for next year’s batch of scholarships, please visit here to learn more about the process and benefits of Golf Ontario Scholarships.

Support the Next Generation of Golf Leaders

The opportunity to award these deserving young people is fueled by generous scholarship donations to the Golf Ontario Legacy Fund. Golf Ontario scholarship funds provide financial support for talented and determined students, enabling them to use the great sport of golf as a vehicle to pursue their academic goals and become the leaders and changemakers of the next generation.

By donating, you are not only supporting their athletic potential but moreover, you are opening doors for young people to realize their full potential in both golf and life. We hope to make an impact in these young lives that lasts a lifetime. It starts at GO!

If you are considering making an even greater impact for the next generation, Golf Ontario welcomes the opportunity for the creation of newly named scholarships. If you or someone you know is passionate about leaving a legacy in perpetuity for Ontario Golf – this could be the right opportunity for you. To learn more please contact our Fund Development Manager, Raphael Root at

Join us in Shaping the Lives of more young people across Ontario. Please consider supporting these critical scholarships by giving to the Golf Ontario Legacy Fund today!  To find out more about how you can make an impact visit

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About Golf Ontario

Golf Ontario is Ontario’s Provincial sports organization focused on enhancing participation, elevating performance, and supporting the passion of golfers in Ontario. With over 100,000 individual members and 500 member clubs, Golf Ontario is one of the largest golf associations in the world.  From rating courses and keeping the integral rules of the game intact to growing the game at the grassroots level and hosting the best amateur tournaments in Canada, Golf Ontario is a passionate group dedicated to Shaping Lives Through Golf.

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Volunteer Appreciation Volunteers

2023 Awards Recipients: Celebrating Outstanding Golf Ontario Volunteers

During our recent Annual Volunteer Appreciation Days across Ontario, Golf Ontario honoured the tireless efforts of our volunteers and proudly announced the recipients of our prestigious Volunteer of the Year and Dick Grimm Distinguished Service Award for 2023. These awards recognize individuals whose unwavering dedication has left a meaningful mark on the sport in Ontario, showcasing their commitment to making a difference and enabling Golf Ontario to ‘Shape Lives Through Golf’.

Dick Grimm Distinguished Service Award

Anne Edgar Dodds-Hebron: Rules Official Extraordinaire

Anne Edgar Dodds-Hebron, a steadfast figure in the Ontario golf community, has been awarded the Dick Grimm Distinguished Service Award, a testament to her decades of selfless service. Her impressive achievements span numerous facets of the golfing world.

Anne’s illustrious career encompasses an array of accomplishments. As a competitive golfer, she clinched numerous championships, establishing herself as a formidable force on the fairways. Beyond her prowess on the course, Anne held director-level positions at both the provincial and national levels. Her invaluable contributions to rules education have empowered countless individuals, while her role as a National and provincial Rules Referee for three decades has ensured the smooth operation of local, provincial, and national professional and amateur competitions.

Even in the face of recent health challenges, Anne has remained unwavering in her support of golf in Ontario, serving as a mentor and embodying her passion for the sport. Her sustained dedication, engagement, and contributions to the game and the Rules of Golf make her a deserving recipient of the Dick Grimm Distinguished Service Award.

Dick Grimm Distinguished Service Award Background

Named after Richard H. Grimm, affectionately known as “Mr. Canadian Open” for his tireless service from 1965 to 1993, the Dick Grimm Distinguished Service Award aims to recognize individuals who exemplify the principles of integrity, dignity, and commitment central to the volunteer experience in golf. This prestigious honour acknowledges those who have demonstrated exceptional leadership and involvement in the growth of amateur golf in Ontario, upholding the values and mission of Golf Ontario.

Volunteer of the Year (2 Recipients)

Ian Nordheimer: The Rules Official Extraordinaire

Ian Nordheimer has been awarded the title of Volunteer of the Year for his remarkable dedication to Golf Ontario over the past five years. In this relatively short period, Ian has become a trusted authority on the rules of golf, earning the respect of his peers. His approachability, willingness to assist fellow volunteers and active participation in tournaments throughout the province exemplify his commitment to Golf Ontario’s vision and values.

Ian’s meticulous preparation and punctuality, combined with his welcoming demeanour, make him a standout ambassador for Golf and Golf Ontario. His dedication to educating others on the intricacies of the sport, along with his respectful and collaborative approach, set a shining example for all.

Rick Corin: The Course Rater Extraordinaire

Rick Corin, with a decade of dedicated service since 2012, has earned the title of Volunteer of the Year for his exceptional contributions as a Course Rater and Team Leader. Rick consistently goes above and beyond, willingly taking on additional courses and building strong relationships with Ontario facilities. His adaptability and willingness to accommodate facilities’ needs have not gone unnoticed.

As a Team Leader in London, Rick plays a crucial role in leading his team of volunteers, ensuring smooth collaboration and optimal results.

Volunteer of the Year Background

The Golf Ontario Provincial Volunteer of the Year Award, established in 2004, celebrates individuals who have made a significant impact on the growth and development of golf while preserving the sport’s traditions. To be eligible for this award, recipients must have volunteered for Golf Ontario for more than three consecutive years, made substantial contributions to promoting the organization, and not have received the award in the past three years.

In 2023, Golf Ontario proudly acknowledges these outstanding volunteers, whose unwavering commitment and contributions continue to enrich the sport of golf in Ontario. Their dedication and passion serve as an inspiration to all, reminding us of the power of volunteers in advancing the game we love.

About Golf Ontario

Golf Ontario is Ontario’s Provincial sports organization focused on enhancing participation, elevating performance, and supporting the passion of golfers in Ontario. With over 100,000 individual members and 500 member clubs, Golf Ontario is one of the largest golf associations in the world.  From rating courses and keeping the integral rules of the game intact to growing the game at the grassroots level and hosting the best amateur tournaments in Canada, Golf Ontario is a passionate group dedicated to Shaping Lives Through Golf.

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golf Golf Ontario Volunteer Appreciation Volunteers

Golf Ontario Volunteers receive royal treatment at Appreciation Day

UXBRIDGE — The lifeblood of Golf Ontario is truly the volunteers that make running events and services possible. On October 2, from Wooden Sticks Golf Club in Uxbridge, those volunteers were given the royal treatment at the annual Volunteer Appreciation Day, themed crowning moments. The volunteers were treated like the kings and queens they are as they were recognized for all of their contributions, culminating with the presentation of the District Volunteer of the Year, Volunteer of the Year, Dick Grimm Distinguished Service Award, and Honorary Life Director Award.

“On behalf of the board, I personally want to thank each and every one of our volunteers,” said Golf Ontario Board Member Ivy Steinberg. “Thanks also as a competitor because we don’t play with out you. Without each and every one of you our events don’t happen. It is often overlooked how important you are to our organization. I know how much time goes into volunteering and that you have many things you could be doing in your lives. Thank you for everything you do.”

Honorary Life Director— Jim King

Honorary Life Directors are recognized for their outstanding achievements through their involvement as a Committee and Board Member. This year, the award went to Waterloo’s Jim King, an individual who has made tremendous contributions to the association and golf in the province.

In 2014, King became the first Golf Ontario President to serve a second term. He has been a volunteer with the Golf Ontario since 2008, serving on the Finance, Rules and Competitions, Marketing and HR and Compensation committees, while spending countless hours as a tournament starter and Level 3 Rules Official.

Dick Grimm Distinguished Service Award— Lee Griffin

The Dick Grimm Distinguished Service Award is considered the highest honour recognizing individual service to the game of golf in Ontario. The award is named after Richard H. Grimm, who was affectionately known as “Mr. Canadian Open” for his service to the event from 1965 to 1993. Golf Ontario’s Dick Grimm Distinguished Service Award recognizes an individual’s meritorious service as a volunteer. Recipients of this award embody the principles of integrity, dignity and commitment, which are central to the volunteer experience and to Mr. Grimm’s persona.

The 2017 recipient is Cambridge resident Lee Griffin. Griffin has been a rules official for more than 17 years. She also served on the Board of Directors from 2003 to 2006. Griffin has been a part of numerous committees and currently chairs the Officials Development Committee. In addition to the hours spent on the course, Griffin has also been instrumental in teaching new officials. She has helped in administering exams and putting more people through rules training programs. Thanks to the time she has spent, Ontario has one of the highest pass rates for rules training.

“I am hugely honoured and still in shock,” said Griffin. “When I received the call I was absolutely dumbfounded, I literally didn’t know what to say. A lot of people who I have worked with in the past, that I have looked up to and who have mentored me, have won this award. So to be joining such an accomplished group is really cool and I could not be more proud.”

Volunteer of the Year— Lea Hill

The Golf Ontario Volunteer of the Year Award has been designed to recognize and honour a Golf Ontario volunteer who has demonstrated outstanding performance and contributions while preserving the integrity and traditions of the game.

This year’s recipient is Mississauga’s Lea Hill. Hill has been a vital member of York District Course Rating Team for the past several years and has taken on the role of Team Coordinator. In this role, he sets up the dates that course rating will take place and then actively solicits the assistance of the other members of the team. He has also developed standardize rating sheets that the team uses for landing zones and greens. These have greatly streamlined the work course raters do and made the transfer of data to those doing the charting simpler.

“I must say I was quite surprised and honoured when Chris Osborne (Golf Ontario Past President) called me to tell me I was receiving this award,” said Hill. “I believe I share this award with every volunteer. We all volunteer our time and I know everyone enjoys what they do.”

District Volunteer of the Year— Sheila Buglass

Golf Ontario’s District Volunteer of the Year Award recognizes volunteers who embody the spirit of volunteering and have shown dedication by making significant contributions in promoting, supporting and expanding golf within their district community.

This year the District Volunteer of the Year was awarded to Toronto’s Sheila Buglass. Buglass has been treasurer of Scarboro District and Golf Scarboro for 22 years. She has assisted at the Scarboro tournaments by doing registration, scoring, and photography. She gives sage advice to the committee and contributes at her home club (Westview Golf Club) by organizing events and mentoring new golfers.

Golf Ontario would like to congratulate all of the award winners and send a special thank you to all of the Golf Ontario volunteers who make everything the association does possible.

To see photos from Volunteer Appreciation Day click here.