Golf Ontario Health and Wellness Partnership Webinar Series

Golf Ontario Partners with Swing Lab Theory

Golf Ontario is excited to announce a new partnership with Swing Lab Theory.

This collaboration introduces a three-part Health and Wellness Webinar Series exclusively for Golf Ontario members. Swing Lab Theory, renowned for its expertise in golf performance and therapy, steps in as a key partner in this initiative.

“We’re excited to partner with a leader in golf movement performance and therapy centre, Swing Lab Theory,” says Golf Ontario’s CEO Kyle McFarlane. “The webinar series and additional content Swing Lab Theory is developing will be greatly beneficial to members, allowing them to enjoy the game of golf more through improving the connection between their body and their golf swing.”

The webinar series, accessible to all Golf Ontario members, focuses on three crucial areas:

Beyond the live webinars, Swing Lab Theory will also create supplementary materials, including a detailed PDF and video for each session, offering deeper insights into the webinar topics.

“Here at the Swing Lab, we have been helping golfers for the last several years and we are pleased to officially partner with Golf Ontario to help golfers all across Ontario improve their body-swing connection and ultimately play better golf,” says Michele Liew, Swing Lab Theory Founder and Owner.

Located in Richmond Hill, Ont., Swing Lab Theory operates as an independent facility committed to providing a positive and inclusive environment. Thanks to its team of dedicated golf therapists and performance specialists, the center caters to a wide range of golfers—from seasoned players and juniors to those recovering from injuries. The primary goal at Swing Lab Theory is to assist golfers in developing a consistent and efficient swing.

The inaugural webinar, titled “Spring Tune-Up,” is scheduled for April. Golf Ontario members are encouraged to stay tuned for further details via email and social media.

1000 Ball Challenge Golf For All Fund Golf Ontario Partnership Public Player Championship

Golf Ontario Renews Baka Communications Partnership

Golf Ontario is excited to announce the continuation of its longstanding partnership with Baka Communications, celebrating 20 years of unwavering collaboration. This renewal underscores Baka’s role as the presenting partner for the Ontario Public Amateur Championship and its support for the Public Player membership program

Since initiating their partnership in 2004, Baka Communications has passionately supported amateur golf in Ontario, aligning its mission with Golf Ontario’s dedication to nurturing golf’s growth at the grassroots level. The Ontario Public Amateur Championship stands as a pinnacle event in the golf calendar, offering a competitive platform with both gross and net flights, and showcasing Baka’s commitment to fostering competition and sportsmanship within the amateur golf scene. 

“Our partnership has not only endured over time but has also adapted to the evolving dynamics of the sport,” says Baka Communications President, John Marion. “Baka is honoured to continue as the presenting partner for the Ontario Public Amateur Championship, support the Public Player membership program, and contribute to Golf Ontario’s broader fundraising initiatives.” 

Beyond the championship and membership program, Baka Communications will support Golf Ontario’s 1000 Ball Challenge, aiding in fundraising efforts for golf programs and initiatives across the province. Additionally, Baka will sponsor a yearly Golf Ontario scholarship to assist an aspiring student-athlete golfer from Ontario, demonstrating Baka’s commitment to developing golf talent both on the course and in the classroom. 

“We are thrilled to continue our partnership with Baka Communications for the 20th year,” says Golf Ontario’s CEO, Kyle McFarlane. “Their consistent support has been crucial in elevating the quality of our events and programs,” he says, adding, “we anticipate another year of fruitful collaboration, as we work together to promote golf’s growth and positively impact lives through the sport.”

The enduring partnership between Baka Communications and Golf Ontario reaffirms their joint commitment to the advancement of golf, building upon two decades of success, and contributing to a lasting legacy within the Ontario golf community.

Partnership Strackaline

StrackaLine of San Diego, California is announced as the “Official Yardage Book Partner” of Golf Ontario

Uxbridge – Golf Ontario announced today that they are welcoming StrackaLine to their partnership portfolio as the ‘Official Yardage Book Partner’ of Golf Ontario. 

In announcing the new partnership, Nick Taylor, Senior Director of Marketing for the association said, “With over fifteen years of experience in the sector, StrackaLine is considered a preeminent resource for yardage books and greens guides in North America. We are thrilled that the company sees the same partnership opportunities in Golf Ontario as they have experienced south of the border with touring professionals, collegiate teams, and all levels of amateur golfers.

StrackaLine Yardage Books are available for all courses, and while StrackaLine Greens Guides & Combination Books are available for select courses at this point, Golf Ontario will be supporting the expansion of this resource to further enhance the playing experience for members across Ontario.

The company also offers StrackaLine Combination books (Greens Guides and Yardage in one book) which includes the following features:

Compliant Greens Guides with:

3 different green depictions:

Stats and notes page.

Yardage book portion includes complete tee to green measurements for every hole along with:

The best players in the world are using
StrackaLine books and you can too! 

At the recent RBC Canadian Open, where the agreement was executed, company founder Jim Stracka said, “We are thrilled to partner with Golf Ontario”.  “The association has strong leadership and a growing and passionate membership base whom we wish to support as they pursue their passion for the game. We look forward to working with our partners at Golf Ontario in delivering great value to the over 100,000 members across the province, starting with a 20% discount off the price of yardage books”, continued Stracka.

About Golf Ontario

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