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Golf Ontario partners with 11:11 Foundation to launch Golf for All Fund

UXBRIDGE – Golf Ontario is thrilled to launch its Golf for All Fund with a $225,000 investment from founding partner 11:11 Foundation. The fund is a new initiative designed to financially support the association’s work of enhancing golf participation across the province.

“We are incredibly grateful to 11:11 Foundation for their commitment,” said Kyle McFarlane, CEO of Golf Ontario. “This generous investment serves as a catalyst for the Golf for All Fund – marking a pivotal moment in pursuing our vision to build a more inclusive and diverse golfing community in Ontario.”

Through initiatives that promote increased golf course access, affordable equipment and specially tailored programs for new golfers, Golf Ontario is facilitating the growth of golf as a unifying and community-building sport. With a steadfast commitment to breaking down barriers, the Golf for All Fund aims to expand the sport in underrepresented groups, including;

1. Youth Golf Programs: Recognizing that the future of golf lies in the hands of our youth, we support programs that introduce and nurture young golf talent.

2. Women and Girls in Golf: We are committed to creating an inclusive and welcoming environment to increase participation among women and girls.

3. Adaptive Golf Programming: We support programs that make golf accessible and enjoyable for individuals with unique abilities.

4. Indigenous Golf Initiatives: Working alongside key partners, we help establish pathways for Indigenous Peoples to enjoy the sport of golf.

“We are aligned with Golf Ontario’s belief that the opportunity to golf has long-lasting positive effects – and everyone of all abilities, ages and cultures deserves the chance to experience it,” says Kevin Cooper, President, Carriage House Wealth and Trustee of 11:11 Foundation.

The foundation’s commitment over three years marks a significant milestone for the sport of golf in Ontario. It launches endless possibilities for the Golf for All Fund to have a profound and lasting impact on shaping lives in the golfing community – where everyone has the opportunity to experience the benefits of the game.

Kevin Cooper (left) and Kyle McFarlane (right) joined by Golf Ontario Staff

Hitting 1000 balls for a good cause

Further fundraising efforts for the Golf for All Fund include Golf Ontario’s recently launched “1000 Ball Challenge” campaign, which has raised $30,000 since September.

This peer-to-peer fundraising initiative encourages individuals, teams and golf enthusiasts to support the Golf for All Fund by attempting to hit 1000 golf balls in one day.

Each event embodies the spirit of community, athleticism, and philanthropy, creating a win-win scenario where participants challenge themselves while contributing to the growth of golf in Ontario.

For further information about the Golf for All Fund please visit gao.ca/donate

Check out The 1000 Ball Challenge, please HERE

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