GAM Golf Ontario Ontario-Michigan Matches

Michigan beats Ontario in Senior Men’s Matches

With files from the Golf Association of Michigan

LAKE ORION – The Golf Association of Michigan (GAM) team won each of the four-ball matches on the first day to power themselves to a win in the sixth annual International Senior Matches against Golf Ontario at Indianwood Golf & Country Club in Lake Orion, Michigan, May 17-18.

The GAM took a 4-0 advantage in the Ryder Cup-style competition after four-ball play on day one on Indianwood’s Old Course, and held on as Golf Ontario’s team rallied with a 5-3 advantage in singles play on day two.

After falling behind on the first day, Golf Ontario saw some positive signs during the second round. Dave Bergeron picked up the first win with a 2up victory in his match. Richard Evoy then captured a 5 and 4 win. Marty Quincy also picked up a win 4 and 2, while Rich Dobbs-Hebron and Lars Melander earned splits in their matches. However, despite their charge on the final day, the Golf Ontario team fell just short losing the matches 7-5.

The GAM and Golf Ontario alternate hosting the matches that are presented to promote international sportsmanship. Each four-ball match was worth one point, and each singles match was worth one point. All halved matches earned each team one-half point.


Golf Association of Michigan 7, Golf Ontario 5

Four-Ball Matches

Randy Lewis/Mitch Wilson (GAM) d. Michael Jackson/Lars Melander (GO) 2 and 1

Ian Harris/Rick Herpich (GAM) d. Dave Bergeron/Rick Dobbs-Hebron (GO) 3 and 2

Mike Tungate/Mike Fedewa (GAM) d. Richard Evoy/Robert O’Hagan (GO) 5 and 4

Mike Raymond/Bill Zylstra (GAM) d. Michael Mealia/Marty Quincey (GO) 4 and 3

Four-Ball Totals: GAM 4, Golf Ontario 0

Singles Matches

Harris (GAM) d. O’Hagan (GO) 3 and 2

Lewis (GAM, Dobbs-Hebron (GO) all-square

Bergeron (GO) d. Herpich (GAM) 2-up

Evoy (GO) d. Zylstra (GAM) 5 and 4

Wilson (GAM) d. Jackson (GO) 4 and 2

Tungate (GAM), Melander (GO) all-square

Quincey (GO) d. Fedewa (GAM) 4 and 2

Mealia (GO) d. Raymond (GAM) 5 and 4

Singles Totals: Golf Ontario 5, GAM 3