Golf Ontario Health and Wellness Partnership Webinar Series

Golf Ontario Partners with Swing Lab Theory

Golf Ontario is excited to announce a new partnership with Swing Lab Theory.

This collaboration introduces a three-part Health and Wellness Webinar Series exclusively for Golf Ontario members. Swing Lab Theory, renowned for its expertise in golf performance and therapy, steps in as a key partner in this initiative.

“We’re excited to partner with a leader in golf movement performance and therapy centre, Swing Lab Theory,” says Golf Ontario’s CEO Kyle McFarlane. “The webinar series and additional content Swing Lab Theory is developing will be greatly beneficial to members, allowing them to enjoy the game of golf more through improving the connection between their body and their golf swing.”

The webinar series, accessible to all Golf Ontario members, focuses on three crucial areas:

Beyond the live webinars, Swing Lab Theory will also create supplementary materials, including a detailed PDF and video for each session, offering deeper insights into the webinar topics.

“Here at the Swing Lab, we have been helping golfers for the last several years and we are pleased to officially partner with Golf Ontario to help golfers all across Ontario improve their body-swing connection and ultimately play better golf,” says Michele Liew, Swing Lab Theory Founder and Owner.

Located in Richmond Hill, Ont., Swing Lab Theory operates as an independent facility committed to providing a positive and inclusive environment. Thanks to its team of dedicated golf therapists and performance specialists, the center caters to a wide range of golfers—from seasoned players and juniors to those recovering from injuries. The primary goal at Swing Lab Theory is to assist golfers in developing a consistent and efficient swing.

The inaugural webinar, titled “Spring Tune-Up,” is scheduled for April. Golf Ontario members are encouraged to stay tuned for further details via email and social media.