GAO partners with Bauder Media Group to provide members more Ontario golf news

UXBRIDGE— The Golf Association of Ontario (GAO) and media partner Bauder Media Group are excited to announce the launch of the new Ontario Golf News (OGN) newsletter and website. The new publication, titled OGN Digest, will take the place of the quarterly OGN e-Magazine that GAO members were receiving along with the GAO’s monthly newsletter.

“The GAO is excited to build on our partnership with Ontario Golf News and launch this fresh and impactful Digest edition to the industry and those who love the play the sport across Ontario,” said Mike Kelly, GAO Executive Director. “With a new strategic plan, OGN Digest aligns perfectly with our objective to transform our relationship with golfers, clubs and stakeholders.”

OGN and the GAO’s monthly newsletters have been good communication tools for the past few years. Yet with the change in consumption of media, a new approach was needed. Members will now receive a weekly edition, beginning February 5 and will see it grow to a twice-a-week publication during the golf season from March 16 to September 30. With content being distributed on a timelier basis, readers will be more engaged than they were in the past.

“We’ve enjoyed the relationship we have built with the Golf Association of Ontario and their membership over the last three years,” said Jeff Bauder, President/Publisher of Bauder Media Group. “We’re excited to introduce this new communication platform for the golfers of Ontario. The expanded format will provide more timely updates on golf news and events from all around the province, better serving both the avid and casual golfer who call it home.”

In addition, with more frequent content, the new platform will provide more opportunity to inform members about current events/initiatives right before they are happening as opposed to weeks in advance.

In conjunction with OGN Digest, OGN is launching a new website that will be a hub for all golf stories across the province. The goal of the partnership is to not only have GAO content but provincial golf content available to Ontario golfers.