1000 Ball Challenge Golf For All Fund Golf Ontario

Drive for a Cause: Join the 1000 Ball Challenge

Golf Ontario is thrilled to invite you to the heart of our community spirit and dedication – the 1000 Ball Challenge!

This year, we aim not just to meet but to exceed our collective potential in supporting the wonderful game of golf across our province. Inspired by our shared passion for golf and commitment to making it accessible to everyone, the 1000 Ball Challenge stands as a testament to what we can achieve together.

Why Your Participation Matters

All funds raised will directly fuel the GOLF FOR ALL FUND, supporting critical areas like:

Women and Girls Golf
Youth Development
Adaptive Golf
Indigenous Golf

How It Works

Reach your fundraising goal of $5,000, then showcase your endurance by hitting 1000 golf balls at your chosen location. Whether individually or as a team, your effort will ripple across our community, inspiring and making a significant impact.

Rewards & Recognition

To honour your remarkable fundraising achievements, we’re excited to present rewards as you reach each fundraising milestone. Rewards are cumulative, the more you raise the more you earn.

Plus, your stories will be featured to inspire others, showing the real impact of our collective efforts.

Join the Conversation

Share your journey using #1000BallChallenge on social media. Let’s make this challenge a trending testament to our love for golf and community.