Golf Ontario

April is Celebrate Diversity Month

In alignment with Golf Ontario’s vision of Golf for All, we are committed to implementing structures, policies and procedures having the highest governance standards to yield organizational growth, safety of the sport and leading the adoption and implementation of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion in Ontario Golf.

The month of April is “Celebrate Diversity Month”, a month that was initiated nearly twenty years ago to recognize and honour the diversity around us every day. We welcome our community to join us and spend time this month reflecting on and celebrating differences and similarities surrounding us all.

Across our organization, our staff have been on a learning journey that has included the opportunity to acknowledge the different dimensions of diversity within our team and across our community.

The following image, available online through Korn Ferry is a tool that can be used to reflect on what may contribute to our diverse work force and extended community.

Our own Chief Executive Officer, Kyle McFarlane has chosen to share his personal dimensions of diversity, based on this tool, with the community in recognition of the month ahead.

Kyle McFarlane (he/him/his)

I am a 43 year, cisgender, Caucasian, heterosexual male.

I’m a member of Generation X, married and a father of 3. I enjoy sports and outdoor activities including golf, baseball and running.

I’m an extrovert, and visual learner. I aim to communicate directly and honestly while respecting others, and cooperating well with people.

I’m of Irish & Scottish descent, English-speaking, reside in Whitby and work in Uxbridge. I hold a Bachelor’s degree from Brock University and a Master’s degree from the University of Memphis.

I’ve worked in professional and amateur sports for 25 years, and am in my 19th year with Golf Ontario, I enjoy coaching, leadership opportunities and collaborating with others.

While we recognize the importance of our diverse community, Golf Ontario is celebrating Diversity Month, this month, and will remain focused on serving the diverse members of our community by delivering safe and welcoming positive golf experiences for all. We will soon be launching our ED&I and Safe Sport webpages as a continued and intentional step in this evolving process.

If any members of our community wish to share their own dimensions of diversity during the month ahead, or to share personal experiences in and around the game of golf where diversity has played a positive role in that experience, feel free to tag us on social media @thegolfontario and use the hash tag #GolfForAll in the post.