Volunteers Week


Without the Volunteers who give their time for the love of the game we would have no tournament golf in the province of Ontario.

I remember playing in my first GAO event several years ago so nervous and somewhat disorientated that I had arrived at the first tee to tee off but my tee off was the 10th tee and it was now. The nice volunteer realizing I had made an honest mistake quickly grab a golf cart and delivered me several hundred yards to the tenth. I arrived just in time to hit my drive without a penalty. Could you imagine what the outcome would have been if I had of missed my tee time it may have been the end of competitive golf for an embarrassed young man.

Thanks for the time you take, one day it will be my time to be the volunteer.


I cannot say thank you enough to all the volunteers for the GAO golf tournaments. We would not have any tournaments without their help. To take a day off either work or retirement just to volunteer at one of our golf tournaments is certainly an unselfish act.

I know many of the players go out of their way to thank the volunteers for their efforts. Thank you very much for making tournament golf a reality for the many competitive golfers across Ontario.


Thank you to all GAO Volunteers! Your dedication and hard work are instrumental in everything we do. I’m so lucky to have met so many of you over the years and in turn developed great friendships. Thank you all for being such great teammates over the years!


Thank you to your rules official at silver lakes g.c. during the mid am qualifier last year.
In 2004 I was involved in a car wreck with a drunk driver … this incident left me with many injuries … some that will remain with me forever. I was an avid golfer who just loves the game.  my balance was affected due to the head injury I suffered in 2004 … after years of working with a team of dr’s I wanted to try to return to the game I loved so very dearlyand missed so very very much. Golf is hard for a person who has suffered a brain injury.

There is so much going on during a round of golf that many take for granted. I hit a driveon the 14th down the right side almost O.B. landing in casual water … my playing partners thought I should drop in one area …  a rules official came up and said that was not correct… drop here to get relief from the casual water. I was very tired by the 14th … and not being able to quote the rules like I could prior to 2004. Your official saw that I was having trouble … I was upset … not mad just upset and having trouble with the situation.  He had a very calming influence on the me/the situation … my partners said drop here … no that is not giving you relief under the rules … please drop here.  this official’s interaction with me was a very positive one … that I will not forget.  My score that day was not a positive one but the time spent with your official was !!! Thank you so very much.


I have had the privilege of being named GAO volunteer of the year and Distinguished GAO volunteer of the year, but I still remember the first time I worked a qualifying site at Hamilton Golf & Country Club because it was the first time I met fellow volunteer, Dr. Bill Wilson.  I thought I had met a lot of (at that time OGA) volunteers, but I had never met Bill and we lived in the same city.  By the time I got to the course, Bill had everything under control, and if I remember correctly, everything went well.  Bill and I still work qualifying sites in our District together and there can’t be many more volunteers as knowledgeable and dedicated as Dr. Wilson.


On behalf of the Golf Association of Ontario Handicapping & Course Rating department, we would like to thank our dedicated volunteers for the countless hours and effort they put in each year.

A typical year for our volunteers includes rating (on average) 70 courses per year with an estimated 170,000+ hours of assistance.

Our success as an organization depends on our volunteers. The selfless commitment and efforts of our raters is most certainly appreciated. We express our sincere gratitude to have such dedicated individuals conducting this work with the Golf Association of Ontario and Golf Canada.


Thank you to all our Volunteers!  Each year I have the pleasure of working with volunteers at the club, district and provincial levels; your passion and dedication is truly amazing. Thank you!


The GAO has a dedicated and experienced group of volunteers who make our extensive tournament schedule possible.  Thank you!




Our GAO volunteers are second to none,
Without their help, our events wouldn’t get done,
From starters, to scorers, and of course, rules officials,
For GAO golfers, they are all so beneficial.


Many show up at the crack of dawn,
Many leave after the last player has gone,
They will wear black shirts in the heat of July,
And still greet players with a big smile and “Hi”.


The selfless gift of time and support,
They do so much to help our sport,
Lending a helping hand to golfers here,
Day after day, and year after year.


So, in honour of National Volunteer Week,
Let this be the time, that we players speak,
We are so very indebted to all GAO volunteers,
And thank you sincerely, as a new season nears.
– Mary Ann Hayward