GAO Golf Advisory Teams

GAO invites industry to be part of new Golf Advisory Teams

UXBRIDGE— In preparation for the spring launch of the Golf Association of Ontario’s (GAO) new Strategic Plan, significant upgrades to the existing Operational Committees have been announced. Many committees will be eliminated and replaced with Golf Advisory Teams that will help review the tactics outlined in the new strategic plan.

“Our goal is to align our feedback and advisory mechanism with our new strategic direction in an effort to build the sport together,” said Mike Kelly, GAO Executive Director. “We want to focus our volunteers’ time and support towards answering the question ‘how are we doing?’ and then integrate all feedback and recommendations to ensure our implementation plan is effective.”

The new Golf Advisory Team model will aim to support the GAO’s new Strategic Plan. The GATs will help to accomplish the goal of becoming the Best Provincial Sport Organization in Canada; innovate golf by providing industry leading services; drive more people to play the sport and encourage more children to get into the game; support golf clubs/facilities and all people involved in the game by aligning golf organizations, creating positive partnerships and ensuring that golf remains the most popular sport in Ontario.

The GAT’s input on the strategic plan comes at a vital time for the golf industry as it prepares for the return of the sport at the 2016 Rio Olympics. The GAO recognizes how important it will be to capitalize on the exposure of the sport and to channel that exposure into more people playing the game.

In 2016, there will be six GATs:

  1. Golf Communities – local collaboration with all golf industry stakeholders to build the sport together;
  2. Golf Services – designing, marketing and delivering services and benefits for facilities and golfers at all levels;
  3. Next GEN – initiatives to build a stronger and larger base of junior golfers in Ontario;
  4. Communication – how to effectively deliver relevant information to the right people, at the right time;
  5. Championships – Ensure the delivery of world class Championship events;
  6. Course Rating and Handicapping – effective course rating and handicapping services to our members;

Remaining intact are a trio of committees. The Hall of Fame, Scholarship and Team Selection committees will continue to operate in their current structure.

“Ultimately, the goal of restructuring our Operational Committees is to optimize support for our staff in the operation of our golf business as we further the objectives of the Government of Ontario’s Sport Plan,” added Kelly.

The GAO is currently seeking enthusiastic and motivated individuals from the Industry for its 2016 GATs. For more information on the specific GATs or to volunteer click here: